Decorative Stamped Driveways

Decorative Stamped Driveways Ad Value to HomesDecorative Stamped Asphalt Driveways, Fraser Valley, BC

Traditional materials like paving stones and stamped concrete have been used throughout the Lower Mainland here in BC to create decorative stamped driveways for decades. The problem with these decorative pavement options, aside from high cost has been the maintenance liability they impose. You know the deal, uneven settlement of pavers, cracked and pitted concrete and invasive weed growth make what was once supposed to be attractive driveway both unsightly, potentially unsafe, expensive and difficult to maintain.

StreetPrint– Genuine Stamped Asphalt is the ideal alternative for decorative stamped driveways.Decorative stamped Driveways, Surrey, BC

It produces realistic brick, slate, stone and other design effects on an asphalt base. Combining the flexibility and strength of asphalt with leading-edge colour coating technologies. This results in a cost-effective, durable driveway surface with minimal maintenance requirements. Stamped Asphalt is the superior decorative driveway surfacing solution. It offers you unlimited creative freedom for decorative stamped driveway design and colour choices. You can accomplish more with less. The cost savings over alternatives like paving stones and stamped concrete can be significant.

Decorative stamped driveways can be installed on existing asphalt that is in good condition, which can provide significant savings on pavement removal costs. The asphalt base provides superior stability Decorative stamped driveway, Langley, BCand durability compared to traditional surfaces such as brick pavers. Stamped asphalt application is faster, easier, and less labour intensive to install than other decorative paving surfaces.

Won’t My Driveway Fall Apart if I Use Asphalt?

Asphalt is probably the best pavement choice for your driveway. Properly installed asphalt by reputable contractors can last for more than 25 years. Think of it this way, asphalt is used in all our Canadian roads and commercial parking lots because it outperforms and is generally less expensive than concrete.  The problem with asphalt driveways is not the asphalt but how it is installed and the quality of the coating materials used on the surface. It is important that you deal with a reputable paving contractor with a track record in your community. Reputable contractors are generally pretty competitive, so if you get a price for paving work from someone and it seems too good to be true….it almost certainly is.

Rainbow Paving has been a StreetPrint – Genuine Stamped Asphalt Accredited Applicator for many years. Our level of expertise and attention to detail when it comes to both paving and stamped driveway installations is unmatched. We provide quality outcomes at competitiveDecorative Stamped Driveway, Surrey, BC prices.

We use StreetBond – Advanced Coatings for Asphalt

The result of over 25 years of experience in specialized asphalt coating development,  StreetBond – Advanced Coatings for Asphalt coloured surface treatment has been proven in a variety of conditions in over 40 countries worldwide. High performance coatings for asphalt must be specially formulated. On one hand they must be flexible enough to move with the asphalt but hard enough to withstand heavy driveway wear; too hard they risk cracking; too flexible, they risk prematurely wearing; too smooth they can be dangerously slippery.

StreetBond adheres permanently to asphalt surfaces and has been developed with balanced performance characteristics in mind, ensuring quality results and enduring beauty for many years. StreetBond Coatings work in almost any condition and are used to colour and protect both flat as well as stamped asphalt driveway surfaces. StreetBond is the original and gold standard and is designed with harsh Canadian climates in mind. Nothing else compares.

Making Asphalt Beautiful

StreetPrint Decorative Stamped Driveways  – Key Benefits:

Decorative Stamped driveway, North Vancouver, BC
Decorative Stamped driveway, White Rock, BC
Decorative stamped Driveway, Surrey BC
Decorative Stamped Driveway, South Surrey, BC
Decorative Stamped Driveway, Abbotsford, BC
Decorative stamped Driveway, Surrey, BC
Decorative Stamped Driveway, Cloverdale, BC
Decorative Stamped Driveway, Cloverdale, BC


Before you make a decision on product choice for your decorative stamped driveway you need to talk to us for a no obligation consultation. We want to help you make the right choice.

You can see our decorative stamped driveway work throughout the region, including the North Shore, Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, New Westminster, Coquitlam, Surrey, White Rock, Langley and Maple Ridge.