Parking Lots


Rainbow Paving offers a range of asphalt parking lot paving and repair services including decorative parking lot solutions suitable for even the most demanding commercial parking lots.

Parking Lot Paving, Metro Vancouver Fraser ValleyWe offer a range of asphalt paving, decorative paving solutions and parking lot maintenance services throughout Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. Including full paving, asphalt repair, crack
sealing, seal coating and power sweeping services.

Rainbow Paving understands parking lot paving and repair services. We know just how important it is to address failure issues and provide full preventive maintenance services. We offer the following pavement services to our commercial parking lot clients:

  • StreetPrint - Genuine stamped Asphalt, Vancouver BCNew Asphalt Pavement – Full service asphalt paving services for commercial parking lots
  • Asphalt Maintenance and Repairs – Parking lot pavement rehabilitation/repairs/patching.
  • Crack Sealing – Surface cracks in parking lot surfaces promote pavement deterioration. These cracks must be sealed.
  • Sealcoating – Your parking lot will look brand new after we’ve applied a seal coat for protective and aesthetic purposes.
  • Decorative Treatments – A range of decorative solutions for parking lot feature entrance areas, pedestrian channelization, retail store entrance features and custom way-finding solutions. Our extensive selection of proven parking lot treatments can be used on both asphalt and concrete surfaces. They are durable, safe, design flexible and cost effective.
Park Playground Paving, Surrey, BC


Enhance the look, feel, function and safety of your parking lot.

Rainbow Paving’s decorative stamped asphalt pavement solutions are ideal for commercial parking lots These durable and proven solutions provide years of  service with minimal maintenance requirements, are attractive and offer excellent safe skid resistance for vehicles and slip resistance for pedestrians.

Decorative stamped asphalt has a wide range of pattern paving applications in commercial parking lots. Common uses include:

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