Stamped Asphalt Driveway Repair

One very big advantage to stamped asphalt over stamped concrete is the ease of repair ability. This StreetPrint driveway installed many years ago was seeing it’s age. Some areas of the asphalt pavement substrate was failing, a utility trench was cut through it and  it was getting a bit tired due to the general wear and tear a driveway is inevitably exposed to.

Our crew took a day to remove and replace the failed asphalt and repave the trench cut. Once all done the driveway was re-coated with StreetBond coatings and

Voila! A total makeover for a fraction of the cost and time of replacement.

decorative stamped asphalt driveway repair, Vancouver, BC

After Repair

Stamped Asphalt Paving Repair, Vancouver, BC

Before Repair