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ThermoPrintHT is a specially formulated decorative thermoplastic material that uses anti-skid aggregates to create this durable, road-marking material. ThermoPrintHT is typically installed to improve pedestrian safety at high traffic intersections, while providing decorative enchacement to the cityscape. Pre-formed sheets are heat-applied to an asphalt surface and then stamped using a cable template pattern. The results? A surface that is durable, safe and decorative. 


Features and Benefits  

  • Fast installation.

  • Quickly open to traffic.

  • Flexible and conforms with the asphalt surface.

  • Creates no hazardous waste during application.

  • Several patterns and colors to choose from.

  • Handles Northern climate freeze thaw cycles.

  • Easily repaired.

  • Invisible seams.

  • Thermoplastic is oil and gas impervious.

  • De-icing salt resistant.

  • Snow plow blade resistant. 


Typical applications for ThermoPrintHT 

  • Cross-walks. 

  • Walk-ways.

  • Exit and entrance ramps.

  • Safety Zones.

  • Schools and Hospitals. 

ThermoPrintHT can be applied into all new and some existing asphalt surfaces. 

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